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Access to our Qualitative Fund Research

As the fund research business growth, Morningstar changed the ways to access qualitative fund research reports from 7 July 2010.

If you actively invest in funds or you advise your clients on such matters, you’ll likely be familiar with Morningstar’s Qualitative Fund Research. In addition to our quantitative Star Ratings, our fund analysts have assigned more than 1,000 funds across Europe and Asia qualitative ratings that range from Elite to Impaired, and our coverage continues to grow. Morningstar qualitative ratings and fund research reports are completely independent and assessment is based on five key areas: People, Parent, Process, Price and Performance. Read more on our ratings methodology here.


The research takes the form of an in-depth four-page PDF report aimed at professional investors and a summarised HTML report suitable for individual investors. Both have been available to readers of www.sg.morningstar.com as we grew the fund research business, but from July 7 advisers and institutions interested in benefitting from our in-depth PDF reports will need to access them via other products.


Institutional investors can access the PDF reports via Morningstar Direct—the most complete and timely link to Morningstar’s global investment database and analytics. Click here for a free trial. Preview an example of the PDF version of our fund research report here.


For individual investors, you can still access the HTML version of our analysts’ qualitative research onwww.sg.morningstar.com.


Please take a minute to view an example of our HTML fund reports by clicking here—you will see that this report quickly provides a snapshot of our opinion of a fund, its proper role in a portfolio, and a summary of our take on the five ‘Ps’ mentioned above. Our goal is to ensure that investors understand the biases in a fund's portfolio and how they are likely to influence its performance in various market environments, while ensuring they also have the right expectations for the investment.


As always, we value your feedback so please feel free to email us through hksupport@morningstar.com to share your thoughts on this or any other Morningstar feature.

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